Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And thoughts for 2010

As 2010 comes around I'm reminded of things that kill us slowly. And one of those things is GREED. GREED is one of the seven deadly sins, and for a very good reason. Wanting money, a nice car and your dream house are the reason we work. And working for your money, profits, windfall is not greed, that is unless you prey on unsuspecting individuals or groups.
I want the American Dream too, but I'm not willing to grovel near the pits of hell to get it. And I believe people who prey on others for money, or fame, whatever, are doing just that. How can that person feel good about themselves, and do they even have any friends? Because if money, or prestige are the only things that are important, you'll sacrifice friendships, and possibly family to get there.
In my life I've worked hard, many hours each week, to get what I want. I've never preyed on the weak, or less fortunate. I'm the one who digs in my pocket for change to help someone out. I'm the one taking the hit in my pocketbook, so my customers don't have to. Though many don't even know it. Because in my life, I've only strived to be a good person, be a good business owner, and earn the money I make honestly.
I pity those who prey on others. It must be a lonely life when in the end all you have is your money to keep you company.
So remember in your daily life, and in business, do what's right. I mean do what's right for the other person, because KARMA is a very strong energy, and when it comes back to you, all will be good. When you go to sleep at night it will be with a clean soul. And in the end, not only will you have prosperity, you will have family and friends who love you. Really love you.
In my life, I'm lucky enough to have an abundance of friendship and love. And for me, as long as I treat others fair, that is more than enough.
When I go to sleep at night, I sleep well, knowing I lived well that day and didn't harm anyone by being greedy or unjust. I think that's why my business keeps growing, my customers are long term, and my friends and family are always there for me.
Live well my friends and do no harm. If not KARMA can be a bitch in the end.